Contact Information
Welcome to the South Carolina Foothills Heritage Fair contact page. Here you will find the list of folks that can help and assist with any and all questions regarding the South Carolina Foothills Heritage Fair. If you have a question or issue, simply find the area of interest that matches your question and then contact the person listed next to that area. You can use any method to contact us that is listed under the person’s name.

Agriculture Displays


Arena Events 



Charlie Whiten

Phone: (864) 557-4453

Email:  Email Charlie

Tickets & Main Gate

Visitor Relations



Jane Suttles

Phone: (864) 280-1944

Email: Email Jane

Antique Equipment

Arts & Craft Vendors

Canning & Baking Competition

Social Media/Digital Advertising

Local Advertising



Melinda Harbin 

Phone: (864) 723-0698

Email: Email Melinda


Social Media/Digital Advertising 

Pony Rides/Petting Zoo



Gwen McPhail

Phone: (864) 247-7843

Email: Email Gwen

Livestock Barn/Show ring

Livestock Shows


Catlin Griffin

Phone (864) 985-3590

Email:  Email Caitlin


Clemson Extension

Commercial & Equipment Vendors


Tim Donald

Phone: (864) 903-2764

Email:  Email Tim


Road Maintenance

Power & Water

Waste Management



Andy Whiten

Phone: (864) 723-6106

Email: Email Andy



Signs and Banners

Tents and Buildings

Matt Morton

Phone: 864-247-4515

Email: Email Matt



Fairground Layout

Fencing/Crowd Control/Security

Alan Thomas

Phone: (864) 723-6106

Email: Email Alan


Wast Management


Signs and Banners


Dillon Donald

Phone: (864) 247-7225

Email: Email Dillon


 Food Vendors 

Chip Nimmons

Phone: (706) 844-2938

Email: Email Chip

School Projects/Tours

FFA Tractor Driving

 Christina Alexander

Email: Email Christina


FARM Center Director

Carnival Contracts

Fairground Layout

Stanley Gibson

Phone: (864) 903-1823

Email: Email Stanley